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He tends to return to his house as early as he possibly can on days like this. He can feel the chitinous shell he had developed in the outside world begin to soften even as he turns the key in his apartment door. Safely inside, a brief but tense interaction with the live-in landlord downstairs is like a punch to his exposed gut. He retreats upstairs, wounded. He takes a breath in the upstairs hall and then enters the bathroom, where he locks the door. Looking at himself in the mirror he slowly and methodically removes his clothes, with what he imagines to be a saintlike expression o ...

Recent solo exhibitions include: Omega Salad, Seventeen (2020), Urizen, Galerie Sultana, Paris (2019), Pulsation of the Artery, Foxy Production, New York (2019), Underworld, Kevin Space, Vienna (2018), Uranus, Galerie Sultana, Paris (2017) and F-R-O-N-T-I-S-P-I-E-C-E, Seventeen, London (2017).

Recent group exhibitions include: La Clinique du Queer, La Maison Populaire Montreuil (2020), Mascaras at Galeria Municipal do Porto (2020), Le Combat De Carnaval at Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels (2020), Salon de Peint ...

  • Omega Salad, Seventeen, London, 2020
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