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Laurel Gitlen

"The work contains countless paradoxes. And one reason for its improbable successes is its ability to hold many paradoxes at the same time. It is somehow literal, abstract, personal, familial, bodily, political, sociological, emotional, first person, shared person, epistolary, scripted, improvisational, tender, gross, banal, and revelatory."

- Jordan Stein, interview with Corrine Fitzpatrick, Cushion Works, San Francisco (2022)

Roasted Cockroach for Scale
Roasted Cockroach for Scale (installation view), Laurel Gitlen, New York, 2023. Photo: Charles Benton

Katz Tepper is an interdisciplinary artist engaging a poetics of porosity. Their recent video works layer and loop processes of recording, transcribing, and performance with crudely manipulated technologies within the formal framework of cellphone and desktop logics. This shifting landscape of remote communication destabilizes fixed boundaries around identity, authorship and linear time, synthesizing in emotionally complex registers as they collaborate with their father.

  • Roasted Cockroach for Scale, Laurel Gitlen, New York, 2023. Photo: Charles Benton
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♫ War is Everywhere ♫ a collaborat- weaves together material generated through an ongoing relational experiment with Tepper's father, exploring habits and systems of consumption, communication, and care within/against the backdrop of rising fascism and climate catastrophe. Invested in the textures of everyday life and constellations of place, the video is composed of their media exchanges spanning text messages, scripted zoom performance rehearsals, AI transcriptions, and clumsy POV cell phone recordings in doctor’s offices, on the couch watching the news, and from across th ...

"There's a quality of 'homemade-ness' that feels like a commitment to a certain kind of complexity and richness of everyday materiality, a certain kind of erotics even, something that doesn't need 'higher' production value because it is so deeply attentive to the materiality of what it is - and all of that with a razor sharp thinking sensibility and editing sensibility that composes everything in cutting, moving, and also super funny ways."

- Bill Deitz, in conversation with Katz Tepper (2023)

"Being a poet, I do look at it as poetry. In some ways portions of it look like a new kind of concrete poetry, particularly when [they] have [their] father sound out words with a huge circle in the middle of the screen, that reminded me a lot of sound poetry and concrete poetry. It’s really a 19th and 20th century phenomena that the word becomes an image, so this distinction between word and image is defeated by technology over and over again and increasingly so with the new interfaces that we use daily."

- Gregg Bordowitz, in conversation with Katz Tepper, Roasted Cockroach for Scale ...