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Lucas Hirsch

  • Kinke Kooi’s Studio, Arnhem, Netherlands, August 9, 2020
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Kinke Kooi *1961 in Leeuwarden (NL), lives and works in Arnhem (NL). Her recent and upcoming solo exhibitions include Bernhard, Zurich (2021), Adams and Ollman, Portland (2021), Support, Lucas Hirsch, Düsseldorf (2019), Feature Inc., New York (1997-2014). Her recent and upcoming group exhibitions include, Far from the tree, Office Baroque, Brussels (2021), Fittings (with Tennant of Culture), Exile, Vienna (2020), Pastoral Love, Lucas Hirsch, Düsseldorf (2019).

"on a practical level, i think of Kinke’s drawings as social responsibility, dripping with riches.”

- Hudson, 2009

Looking sharp is a complex understanding: in my opinion it means cutting away the unnecessary.
My mother never looked sharp in that way but for me always extremely beautiful: her wardrobe is her palette and her fits her art pieces. She always works with scarfs and drapes them. I think my sympathy for drapes and folds comes from there: drapes are pliable and fittable, even sexual organs are created with folds and plies. It is the b ...

  • Installation view, Kinke Kooi, Support, Lucas Hirsch, Düsseldorf, 2019
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Kinke Kooi I dreamed that You were Me 2019 acrylic paint colour pencil marker on paper 365 x 293 cm Kopie 2
I dreamed that you were me, 2019
Why do men have Nipples 2 2020 31 x 257 cm acrylic colorpencil gouache pieces of shell buttons press studs on paper LR
Why do men have Nipples (2), 2020

To be overwhelmed by nature is to dissolve into a bigger whole. It is an inclusive situation, which is the same as a domestic situation. Bonding, bondage, family and love have a lot to do with it... Decoration, as it appears on classical silk scarfs for example, often incorporates bonding shapes like ropes, belts, knots and creepers into its patterns. Decoration loves shapes that hold things together. Decoration is a great supporter and hospitable to everything.

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I like to look at shapes of interruption, I like the soft approach.

You and Me 2002 11 x 11 cm acrylic pencil on paper HR
You and Me, 2002
Searching for Immanence 2 2020 57 x 762 cm acrylic colorpencil gouache on paper LR
Searching for Immanence (2), 2020