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Lenard Giller
The Shop, Sadie Coles HQ
April 28 – May 5, 2023

Curation and text by Ben Broome

Presented by The Shop, Sadie Coles HQ and curated by Ben Broome, Revisions is a newly composed multi-channel installation by Lenard Giller. For Revisions Giller has chosen to adapt what was, in its first iteration, one work, choosing instead to present the piece in three component parts: Sound, Time & Image.

Constituting image, the feature length film Productions consists of 360 found images - all stills from Disney’s Cinderella - which have been scanned and re-inserted inside the exact time-frame during which they first appeared in the 1950’s mov ...

  • Productions, 2023, single-channel video, 74 minutes
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Revisions is a version of Productions which in turn is a mutation of the 360 Panini sticker album images, likewise a mutation of the 1950 Disney classic Cinderella: itself an appropriation of the 1812 folk tale collection Grimms’ Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm. This is not a work about Cinderella rather Cinderella is the subject, the vehicle through which Giller investigates alteration and transformation of aural storytelling and folklore in modernity and through contemporary media.

  • Installation view of Revisions, The Shop at Sadie Coles HQ
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Productions shares the length of its cinematic counterpart - something the viewer is constantly reminded of by Timestamp (107232). Drawing from the minimalists of the 60’s and 70’s, Giller’s intention was to make a work that can be consumed in one minute or one hour: similar to minimalist sculpture, a work that is as empty as it is full with no hierarchy between either metric thus confronting the viewer with no clear method of consumption.

Soundtrack (01:14:28), 2023, audio track on Sony speakers, 74 minutes
Soundtrack (01:14:28), 2023, audio track on Sony speakers, 74 minutes

Composed by Lara Laeverenz, Soundtrack (01:14:28) accompanies Productions: existing largely as low-frequency white noise interspersed with snippets of original sound from Cinderella. Collaborating with Laeverenz, Giller used the mechanical sound of a 16 mm projector (employed to show Productions in its first iteration) as a starting point to create a score that emulated and amplified the muted resonance of digital equipment used in Revisions - eliciting a labour happening behind the scenes.

Likening the piece to a “photographic work within a time based ...