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Manuel Mendoza Sánchez, Common Grounds, 2019, Embajada, San Juan

Manuel Mendoza Sánchez (b. 1992 San Juan, Puerto Rico) maintains a mixed media post-internet practice that seeks to open a space where the routinely mundane (re)collects the potential to engender diverse meanings.

Mendoza Sánchez presents a series of new sculptures that expand upon his investigation into the vase as medium for anecdotes on globalization. Since early civilizations, vases have been instrumental in the transfer of objects between different cultures. By means of the illustrations depicted on their outer surfaces, vases also functioned as some of the first bearers of cultural myths for nations. Following in this tradition, Mendoza Sánchez paints and adorns the outer surfaces of hand made ceramic vases with images from the internet combining themes common in current-day globalization.

  • Manuel Mendoza Sánchez, Common Grounds, 2019, Embajada, San Juan
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For Liste Art Fair, Mendoza Sánchez has developed a new series of works depicting birds in anecdotal situations. Birds, like vases, have played a large role in human evolution, from being used as messengers, to weather prediction, to representing spiritual entities or simply being our companions. Mendoza Sánchez exploits these varied associations combining imagery to explore their metaphorical potential and create new narratives.

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