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“About 8, 15 or 60 years ago, I was watching a documentary about Iceland. The narrator surprised me when he said that there were still unnamed mountains there. It was one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever heard. After all, if they don’t have names, they are not included in our language. Consequently, the question that arose was: did they exist? The answer is yes. However, it is an impenetrable existence for us, proper to their world and their language, a language as real as ours. I found, in the statement heard in the documentary, resonance with everything I did and continue to do.”

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mariana manhães
mountains watch us in time-lapse #1, 2019
animation video (color and sound), LCD screen, media player, fabrics, polyurethane foam, foam, electronic circuit, mechanism and wood
35 x 200 x 180 cm


mariana manhães
unnameable #2, 2019
graphite on tracing paper, fabrics, polyurethane foam, masking tape and cardboard
96 x 100 x 56 cm

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mariana manhães
unfinished verbs #6 , 2018
graphite, marker, masking tape, double-sided tape, correction tape, expandable foam and tracing paper on paper
130 x 110 cm

It was during Iole de Freitas’ classes at Parque Lage in 2004 that I began to create and build machines, something I keep doing today. These machines can be made of cables and electronic circuits or pencil and sheets of paper.

Drawing actually has always been a kind of third arm for me, less developed and shy at the beginning, it gained muscles a few years ago when I started to produce a series entitled
“Verbos Terminados em Ar” (“Verbs ending in Air”). At first restricted to the glance of those who visited my studio, these Verbs took a life on their own after being shown to the publi ...