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Marthe Ramm Fortun and the chase for new desires

By Sinziana Ravini, May 2023

« What does a woman want? » asked Freud in a letter to Marie Bonaparte. He never found a satisfying answer, but the question can be seen as a reaction to women’s resistance to their place in a patriarchal society. Women have always been an enigma, even to themselves, and when they do act according to their desires, sometimes too late, or too much, they often get stigmatized as "hysterics", looking for a gaze, an interpretation, like Charcot’s famous Justine, Breuer’s Anna O, Jung’s Sabina Spielrein or Freud’s famous Dora. When the so-called hysterics start mastering the interplay of gazes and the ero ...

Images courtesy of the artist and Femtensesse, Oslo. The first three works are photographed by Julie Hrnčířová.