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The Community

SOUS LA TERRE 2012–2015

Melchior Tersen

For Liste 2021, The Community is pleased to present a series of photographic works by French artist Melchior Tersen. This body of work carries the name Sous la terre : as the title suggests, the work is entirely dedicated and shot in the Parisian catacombs over the course of three years, from 2012 to 2015. This archival documentation, sourced from the artist’s camera rolls and his frequent trips to the underworld, is an ode for the city that is dear to him – it is a celebration that brings forward bits and glimpses of a universe that is widely known in popular imagery, yet rarely witnessed b ...

Melchior Tersen

SOUS LA TERRE 2012–2015

Text by Valentin Vennesson (original in French)

Melchior Tersen's art is about collectibles. He accumulates and absorbs objects and images that fascinate him: collections of clothes, figurines, books, VHS tapes… His photographs act in a like manner; he captures scenes that are built into his vast library of moments and subjects that provoke his interest. He opts for a wide range of topics, from football fans to rap or metal concerts. His photographs are snapshots of our contemporary culture. What can be considered mass or commercial culture becomes approachable under his g ...

SOUS LA TERRE 2012–2015 at The Community Centre

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Founded on a long-standing need for shared space and a platform to stimulate ideas and create collaboration across different artistic disciplines, The Community opened its doors at 65 rue du Château d’Eau, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris in the fall of 2016.

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Selected works from the SOUS LA TERRE 2012–2015 series

Melchior Tersen, Verbatim, 2014
Verbatim, 2014
Melchior Tersen, Fontaine des Chartreux, 2014
Fontaine des Chartreux, 2014
Melchior Tersen, Labyrinthe 2, 2013
Labyrinthe 2, 2013
Melchior Tersen, The Wicker Man, 2012
The Wicker Man, 2012
Melchior Tersen, Mango 2, 2014
Mango 2, 2014
Melchior Tersen, Mango 1, 2014
Mango 1, 2014
Melchior Tersen, Cooking DIY, 2014
Cooking DIY, 2014
Melchior Tersen, The Joker, 2014
The Joker, 2014
Melchior Tersen, Partage, 2014
Partage, 2014
Melchior Tersen, Halloween Night, 2012
Halloween Night, 2012
Melchior Tersen, The End
The End, 2012