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  • "Room with a View", PHILIPPZOLLINGER, Zurich, 2022
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Monika Emmanuelle Kazi explore the emotional charge of objects of a no-longer-existent everyday, of movements, matter, architecture, as porous zones of contact, and traces of changing histories. Her work is instantly recognizable; not by processes of production, motifs or materials (which are exponentially expanding), but by a viscerally recognizable mode of how to hold things carefully and precisely. She constructs her work by drawing on an incarnated body memory, in relation to her diasporic background. The artist transposes memories interlacing the personal with the global through the mediums of w ...

Kazi was born 1991, in Paris (France) and grew up between Pointe-Noire (Republic of the Congo) as well as Paris. Today, she lives and works in Geneva. After studying interior design, she studied fine arts at HEAD-Genève and graduated with honors in 2021. Recent solo and duo exhibitions include at Villa du Parc (Annemasse, 2022); Kunsthalle Friart Fribourg (2022); PHILIPPZOLLINGER (Zurich, 2022); WallStreet (Fribourg, 2021); sic! Elephanthouse (Lucern, 2021) and at HIT (Geneva, 2019). She has participated in numerous group shows, such as at Centre d'Art Contemporain (Geneva, 2021); Futura (Prague, 202 ...

  • "La cour des grands", Kunsthalle Friart Fribourg, 2022
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