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Monique Mouton at VEDA, Florence

Monique Mouton (b.1984, Fort Collins, Colorado) lives and works in New York, NY.

Mouton's artistic research has been exhibited widely nationally and internationally, with shows at VEDA, Florence; Bridget Donahue, New York; Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles; Gladstone Gallery, New York; Metro Pictures, New York; Galerie Christine Meyer, Munich; Klemm’s, Berlin; Overduin & Co., Los Angeles; Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver; Galeria Mascota, Mexico City; Simon Lee, New York; Wallspace, New York; C ...

Mouton’s tensile marks encourage a kind of associative looking. Boxed in by their frames, they send the viewer searching, and seem to change in the meantime. Their rips and cuts all point outward toward the viewer’s realm, but their marks and color are deeply absorbed in a singular plane.

- Lucas Block review of INNER CHAPTERS

"For Monique Mouton" written and read by Charity Coleman.

Charity Coleman is a writer and editor in New York City. She is a reviews contributor for Artforum and is working on a children's book about a fish.

Monique Mouton: SCENE

by David Rhodes, published on Brooklyn Rail, issue Sept. 2019

The simple act of looking is subtly disrupted in this exhibition by displacing small but critically important expectations. Adjustments of shape, color and composition are extended to include the framing and placement of works, the gradual awareness of which acts to slow down reception—the opposite engagement required for the speed conscious, digital information that otherwise surrounds and preoccupies us. The first notable per ...

One cut is the first gesture that initiates two paintings. The surface could be considered just another edge, the one that’s facing you. Paint elaborates this surface-edge, along with other materials, movement, time. There’s an elastic continuum to how the paintings are made as the thresholds layer on top of each other.

Veda Booklet MM collage