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Noah Barker was born in California in 1991, and lives between New York and Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include Plymouth Rock, Zürich, CH, with Paul Levack (2022); Twilight Brigade Search Engine, Alienze, Vienna, A (2021); Dream State, Löwengasse, Cologne, D (2021); Five Summer Stories and We walked toward the music and away from the party, Fanta-MLN, Milan, I (2020 and 2019); More spaghetti please, comrade, Lodos, Mexico City, MX (2019); a room like any other, Air de Paris, Paris, F (2018); and Redevelopment of a Soundtrack, Éclair, Berlin, D (2017). Writing is a parallel activity that has appear ...


Where were you in '72?

The draft ended and Charlie don't surf.

A long wave with an undertone of expansion was coming to a close out.

  • Installation view, Twilight Brigade Search Engine, Alienze, Vienna, A, 2021
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In the exhibition Twilight Brigade Search Engine at Alienze, Vienna, high gloss surfers, Charlie, Vladimir and Clausewitz, all 2021, were illuminated by Search Engine, 2021, a work composed of fluorescent lights wrapped with an indecipherable pattern of neutral density (grey) gel filters. The dimmed light aided the contrast of the matte walls to the applied figures standing 160 cm tall. The silhouettes derive from the 1966 Endless Summer movie poster that promoted a cinematic “search for the perfect wave”, and all together composed the Twilight Brigade.

Twilight Industry; or that thing that happened in the early seventies, 2021, is a television broadcast of jumbled surfer speak, cybernetic diction, and terms lifted from the US Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms received by an early mobile television. The moment most likely for the etymological Venn diagram of its phrases to overlap would be California in the early 70s when surfing was coming into its own as cultural touchstone, RAND Corporation was blossoming as an epicenter of Systems Analyses alongside Palo Alto's computational petri-dish, and the military's west coast pre ...

  • Installation view, Panorama, curated by Vincenzo de Bellis, various locations, Procida, I, 2021
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On the occasion of Panorama, an island-wide exhibition in Procida, Italy, the artist and gallerists situated themselves just offshore, broadcasting radio from a boat for the duration of the exhibition. On the island, a small radio at a bar received the transmission. Signal, 2021, a light composed for the purpose of marking a site of reception, was installed nearby.