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12 FLOW 200904368v2
F’OOT N’OTES (a rehearsal), 2020, seven photo prints on dibond, cm 75 x 95 / cm 70 x 105, exhibition view
  • Ode de Kort, TRIB’UNE, 2021, black and white paper, perforations, circle stickers, 8 pairs of black rubber boots, 4 comma stools, video, sound, dimensions variable. Installation view at De Warande, Turnhout, BE
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09 2019 09 11 Spazio A Ode de Kort 17
Ode de Kort, OO OO’ ING, 2019, print on dibond, cm 92 x 250
16 2019 09 11 Spazio A Ode de Kort 11 taglio2
Ode de Kort, UU TOO OO, 2019, print on dibond, metal, cm 400 x 380 x 43 (dimensions variable)
  • Ode de Kort, UU TWOO, 2019, curated by Sara Giannini, exhibition view, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL
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Ode de Kort oouu published by het balanseer, Ghent; edition of 150. (cm 16 x 11.5) 2019
Ode de Kort O froooom O toooo O published by Silvio Ebner and SpazioA, Pistoia. (cm 32.5 x 20.5) 2017

"For all its seriousness, de Kort’s work wields a no less understated sense of humor. Incidentally, it is perhaps not a coincidence that there are so many circles in her name– as if the depictions of circles were but veiled self-portraits, when in fact that circle functions as a cipher, liable to contain anything and nothing at once. The artist is fully aware of how charged and potentially misleading these forms are. Their capacity for comedy seems as inexhaustible as their innocence is incontestable, sort of like, well, clowns– which they are not obviously. Just circles (which are never just circles)."

(Chris Sharp)

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