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Rachel Rossin’s interdisciplinary practice, which spans VR, installation, painting, and sculpture, explores the construction, perception, and embodied experience of virtual space. Rossin is internationally renowned for working at the intersection between the physical and digital and is regarded as one of the artistic pioneers of virtual reality.

Rachel Rossin’s Hologram-Combines drop us into a hyper-color virtual reality seemingly free of entropy, full of exhilarating movement and light. Flower petals cascade in front of painted tableaus of blurred sunset colors, hurricanes whir at their center —all on an invisible holographic plane one inch above the surface of Rossin’s paintings. The artist materializes these illusions out of thin air by updating one of the oldest motion picture technologies, the zoetrope with LED holographic displays.

The works act to compress virtual and physical space in a gesture to illustrate one of the major m ...

Oh. Another Love Story, 2022
Oil and airbrush on panel with embedded holographic zoetrope
55,9 × 45,7 x 15,2 cm

Rachel Rossin (b. 1987 in Loxahatchee, FL) lives and works in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include a commission for Hyundai Museum, New Museum and Rhizome, Moscow, Seoul, Beijing (2021); 14a, Hamburg (2020); Akron Art Museum, Ohio (2019); Signal, New York (2017); Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga (2016). Previous group exhibitions include Hyundai Museum x New Museum, curated by Rhizome, Seoul (2021); KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin (2021); Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit (2020); Louvre Museum Auditorium, Paris (2019); The Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville (2018); Chrysler ...

Rachel Rossin, Stalking The Trace, 2019. The Zabludowicz Collection, London

Rachel Rossin, Man Mask, 2016. Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC