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Installation view of "A Circle With Several Centers" by Rasoul Ashtary at diez, Amsterdam. 9th of September - 9th of October

Rasoul Ashtary (*1991, Tehran) lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include “Short Cuts II”, LOMEX, NYC (2023); “A Circle with Several Centers”, diez, Amsterdam (2022); "On the other hand", Bizarro, Copenhagen (2021). He has also been featured in group exhibitions at ECHO, Cologne; Delgosha Gallery, Tehran; Sammlung Lenikus, Vienna, among others. Ashtary attended the Städelschule from 2016-2022.


Ashtary’s paintings are exciting to behold because they consist of legible parts that somehow preserve the mystery of their collective meaning. These canvases are full of visual paradoxes which become more enjoyable the longer we sit with them.

Peter Brock about Rasoul Ashtary

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Drawings lay the groundwork for Ashtary’s resulting moves in paint, providing a suggested mode of passage without being dogmatic. Ashtary maintains that these drawings cannot be transposed to paintings - the line work becomes obfuscated in the latter form. It is still necessary that the two mediums are tethered in spirit, as sketching provides painting with a guiding force, however loose that may be.

Reilly Davidson about Rasoul Ashtary

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Rasoul Ashtary has to explores the idea of the apparatus, present in his paintings, albeit through a different artistic medium. His sculptures are intriguing assemblages of objects, carefully chosen and arranged to create captivating visual narratives. By incorporating various components such as cameras, lasers, and other mechanical elements, he constructs three-dimensional artworks that possess an enigmatic allure.