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FELIX GAUDLITZ 2023 LC QUEISSER Elena Chantladze and Simon Lässig Simon Lässig 2 23 minutes from Anyaság 1974 8
Simon Lässig, 2:23 minutes from: Anyaság 1974, As I watch Anyaság (Motherhood) from 1974 I come to know again how one learns to look through other people how we take in adapt and alter their thoughts views and feelings. And if the rest of the film speaks about how we mimic and repeat–about how we are conditioned–then these stretched 2 minutes and 23 seconds remind us of the opposite: Of a moment in which we look out into the world and do not see ourselves reflected back. A reality comes into being that is closed off and something I’ve seen before repeats itself., 2022, Digital video sound, 4:46 Min., Ed 3 + 2AP

Simon Lässig works with pre-existing forms and languages. With areas in which mimetic processes, reproduction, conditioning and repetition are central: school and film. Lässig adapts, takes over and alters moving and still images. “I am subject to a double infirmity: all that I perceive offends me, and I constantly reproach myself for not seeing as much as I should.“

Starting from his research in both film-archives and educational institutions Lässig’s latest series of silver gelatine prints condense his practice that usually takes the form of immersive installations, moving image-projections and film programs, while at the same time opening up a discussion about how we learn to look through other people, how we take in, adapt and alter their thoughts, views and feelings. About how we are conditioned.

Simon Lässig lives and works in Berlin.

He is the recipient of the Peter Meters Stipend 2023. Upcoming projects include: Kunstverein Bonn (Solo, Fall 2023) and film program for Haus am Waldsee, Berlin (with Tolia Astakhishvili, July 2023). Recent exhibitions: Elene Chantladze, Simon Lässig, LC Queisser, Tbilisi (2023), Kino, Fluentum, Berlin (2022), I am the secret meat, FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna (2022), Simon Lässig, Fanta, Milan (2021), Joint Ventures, KOW, Berlin (2021), projections (with Vera Lutz), Nousmoules, Vienna (2019), Simon Läs ...

FELIX GAUDLITZ 2023 LC QUEISSER Elena Chantladze and Simon Lässig Simon Lässig Theres something like pain in the room and its partly overcome but the weight of objects wins 2
Elene Chantladze, Simon Lässig, 2023, Installation view, LC Queisser, Tbilisi. Photo: George-Kolbaia
FELIX GAUDLITZ 2023 LC QUEISSER Elena Chantladze and Simon Lässig Simon Lässig Theres something like a destination in the room and it has already taken place but the weight of its direction lasts 29
Simon Lässig, There’s something like a destination in the room, and it has already taken place: but the weight of its direction lasts, 2023, Silver gelatine print, 30 × 24 cm (11.811 × 9.448 in), Ed. 3 + 2 AP. Photo: George-Kolbaia
FELIX GAUDLITZ 2021 Simon Lässig Fanta MLN 15
Installation view, Simon Lässig, 2021, Fanta, Milan
  • stories for children, Elene Chantladze and Simon Lässig, 2023, co-published by LC Queisser, Tbilisi, GE and saxpublishers, Vienna, AT, Softcover, Digital print, 132 pages, 14.6 x 20 (5,748 x 7,874 in). Ed. 250.
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