Supawich Weesapen

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Nova Contemporary

Then the light reveals the world below,

All the lively souls are swallowed.

L26_Nova_Close up view of The Blue Sprites

I find myself floating free in the air.

Looking around—

Nothing there more than the light shows

Till my sight focusing on the shadows;

Then there is a NO,

As a manifesto.

I die;

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Still, the light,

Rushing and shining beyond land and sea.

(Me) As a carrier and a child.

From the sky, I am falling--waking me up frightened;

Since the falling isn't fallen, and

The floating is a fantasy;

On the absurd land,

I am.

The one to be destroyed is none other than me.

Yet what I resist is so clear.

Breathing in me like a child of mine,

Gleaming bright whenever it appears.

It’s not me while it is I;

Hiding from awareness as it’s always here.

Supawich Weesapen lives and works in Thailand. He is interested in the connection between human senses and the occurrence that creates subjective perception. His work visually explores various realities of phenomena through the medium of painting.

Inspired by the transient, temporality, and pluralism in light and nature, Weesapen often creates elusive hallucinated phenomena in his paintings. With photographic precision in video-gamefic colours, the exaggerated form and peculiar juxtaposition in his work are the agency that he can explore the system of nature, rather than the system that he cur ...