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Nir Altman

Susi Gelb’s booth concept deals with transformation and change – which can be seen in the context of technological developments, historical data, fossil materials, climate change and the planet itself, our reality and living grounds. The art works are like a test set-up for larger terraforming experiments and like relicts in an archeological display.

The monumental video work acts like a window: a visual expedition going deep. It shows a long, exhilarating zoom shot through opulent cloudscapes, masses of water, froth and foam, fantastic structures. Is it researching the origin of the world, the Big Bang, or is it looking into an unclear future? The oscillating pull of our endless universe, l'appel du vide? The visually stunning film feels like a vortex. It is immersive and like an oracle. Just like a deep train of thought, it pulls us into Susi Gelb’s artistic cosmos. The video is titled “tail_z” and is the second part of the Vortex Trilogy which ...