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Melodically eruptive, this body of work exemplifies Tada Hengsapkul’s distinct multimedia approach, combining en plein air and pyrotechnic methods to convey ecological, political, and emotional release.

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In Between, 2022
Smoke bomb on watercolor paper
29.7 x 42 cm

Hengsapkul’s In Between series unfolds across the booth, creating cacophonies of texture and form. A sense of propulsive musicality defines the works, some impelled by diagonal bursts of smoke bomb ignition, others punctuated by gunpowder and firework accents. The pieces appear near synesthetic, as if one can hear their vibrance and velocity. Hengsapkul first devised of the smoke bomb as an artistic medium after witnessing its deployment in youth protests, emblemizing the explosive as a token of civil disobedience. Using art as a form of nonviolent action, his practice forms an act of allian ...

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Moving beyond the aesthetics of weather, Hengsapkul ideates the wind as an analogy for speech, imagining the ripples of discourse and rebellion against censorship. His interest in the expressive and circulatory is exemplified by the central piece, Topography, where his signature smoke bomb technique is dispersed across a panoramic grid of paper coins. Made to react to wind, the work flickers in constant movement, shifting its surface each time it is viewed. The resulting experience holds the intimate intensity of a whisper, enabling the possibility of unassuming transformation. Hengsapkul di ...

Topography, 2022
Smoke bomb, Watercolor paper, Laminated Medium Density Fiberboard, Rivet aluminum, Persian wood
120 x 80 x 3.5 cm
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