Thomas Liu Le Lann

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Snubbull (braces)

little devils

they repair and collate off the edges of unseized

stretches of shoreline true to themselves in their lack

laika in

touching at tips and roads together fort kid

forgotten sweaters and homes at home in workshopped


tips touch

you made sense at the break away

hero softly not to yell in

a wrap around and stag nation

mass production and

what goes on before you would know what to do with

when someone said yes i will

spend a time

whats to spend and when resurrected

pain i ...

Milo, 2020

but you boy in the baths –

you turned me inside out again and exposed myself – to myself – and I guess that's good again

- Keith Haring, Journals, 1996*

[…] Milo, amongst the soft heroes of Thomas Liu Le Lann, those soft sculptures of anthropomorphic sewn bodies that spill onto the floor or over pedestals; a group of clones throughout successive exhibitions, which Thomas produces since school, the HEAD in Geneva (where he studied in 2017 and 2018) – the one with claws, the one with the smiley t-shirt, the headless, well- ...

Training Part 2 : Yuzu (New Recipe)

"the silence of a boy is hard to endure

but endure mine, i beg you"

- Dennis Cooper, The Weaklings, 2013

In their extreme blankness, Liu Le Lann’s figures perhaps most resemble the unlocatable love objects of Dennis Cooper’s fiction. Because the boys Cooper obsesses over lack any discernible characteristics, and refuse to express themselves, they demand to be represented. Someone else has to describe them if they cannot do it themselves. But by refusing to affirm or deny their representation, or display even the most meagr ...

Thomas Liu Le Lann (b. 1994, lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland and Paris France). He received his M.F.A. in visual arts at HEAD, Geneva School of Art and Design in 2018 and won the New Heads BNP Paribas Foundation Award as well as the Head Gallery Award in 2018. Solo exhibitions include; Milo, Dittrich & Schlechtriem, Berlin (2021); 17, Galerie Xippas, Paris (2021); Best Western, LUBOV, New York (2019); Ziwen, you deserve all the flowers that still grow on earth, Xippas Ga ...