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Tild Greene (b.1994, UK) works within the area of sculpture and writing; through subjects of mythology, utility, class, grief, and gender, they consider categories and assumptions. What does a body need in order to utilize itself? What is the extent of a body? Using found objects (mostly garments, sports equipment, and hardware) and altering them through sculptural processes Greene creates homemade tools reflecting the primal human need for achievement (broadly understood): "I want the work to relay a body that is attempting to achieve something. I want the objects I make to look like tools that mirror and support this endeavor", as they say in their statement. "I tend to turn to the side effects of a process with material, one that I have implemented or one that already exists in the material when I found it. Through this, I consider the side effects of a lived experience on the body. In my work, I aim to repurpose these side effects into new potentials with supplemental logic and cognition".

  • Large Arm (2021); Small Arm (2021)
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