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Ting Hsu likens photography to painting, the act of producing brushstrokes with the camera. Her imagery is based on her surroundings, such as scenes from the city streets or her room. In this work Hsu recalls a place from her childhood – the Xiaoyouken Bridge on Yangming Mountain. At night, the bridge would sometimes be flooded with fog, and under the gloomy glow of the street light, the bridge appeared to be a tunnel suspended in middle of the universe. The black and white lines that are abstracted from the original scene, enlarged and arranged into a fragmented pattern, seemingly creating moving st ...

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Ting Hsu regards her photographic works as a process rather than a conclusion. Her works attempt to extend the photographic image beyond the finite moment in which it is captured. Her images are often abstracted until distance, time and place are blurred and unfold into the present space. Her series of work titled ’04:53:77’ plays on this concept, where the numbers could mean a specific unit of time, yet it also implies an unknown code, or units of an imagined space and time. The series contains three photographic works, originally exhibited together like split screens depicting events from different ...

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