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Proyectos Ultravioleta

Proyectos ultravioleta portrait of the artist vibeke Mascini

Proyectos Ultravioleta presents a solo by Vibeke Mascini exploring the electric grid as a haunted and poetic network of wild transformation. By being attentive to the radical metamorphoses of matter within the cosmos, the booth will contain works that echo each other, marking transformations through aspects of air, wind and flight, subtly anticipating turbulence.

Elements included are as wild and fleeting as a bird frozen mid-flight and the dust from butterflies contained between the glass of airplane windows... in a booth that has all of it's lights and sockets p ...


Illegal items (e.g. drugs) are confiscated by customs and extracted from circulating on the market. Law determines that these items are immediately destroyed through incineration. However, the leftover of this process generally enters another circulation; that of the electric grid. After the incineration of a batch of confiscated cocaine in April 2023 – found during a regular cargo inspection in the port of Vlissingen (NL) between a shipment of bananas from Puerto Bolivar in Ecuador – a battery was charged, directly at the power plant ...

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Dust Suns

Regarding the ambiguous notion of endemic species, Mascini explored known travel routes - both natural and by means of organized import or trafficking - as a way in which species of moths and butterflies were introduced into the local ecosystem.

From a collection of long ago taxidermied moths and butterflies, the dust and other partially dissolved fragments were gathered. This material was then used within a self-developed electrostatic drawing method; sealed between airplane windows.

Dust Suns vii Vibeke Mascini IMG 8499
Dust Suns vii Vibeke Mascini IMG 8515
Dust Suns viii Vibeke Mascini IMG 8527
Dust Suns viii Vibeke Mascini IMG 8536


Increasingly, frost is known to arrive without warning. In a recent severe Dutch winter, birds that were in the midst of their hunting flight have been found to be frozen into river-ice beneath them, capturing an instance of flight. Hemidemisemiquaver is the term for the shortest note within musical notation, in the case of this project the title refers to the briefest of moments that is postponed within time. Freezing the instance in which a bird appears to be mid-flight, inside a mixture of meltwater and resin.

VIbeke Mascini

Visual artist, writer, and amateur moth breeder based in Amsterdam, NL. Sculpture tutor and a research fellow at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Artist in residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam 2021-2023.

Pre-modern notions considered electricity as sacred phenomenon that houses a sort of spirit, which animates matter. For the past few years her artistic research evolved around historic and futuristic concepts of electricity as a speculative agent of life. Combining natural and industrial processes, through the binding force of their energy, her work addresses a fundamental dyn ...