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Wisrah Thalia 2021 3 web

Goswell Road is pleased to present Nicolas, a solo presentation of new works by São Paulo-based artist Wisrah Villefort for Liste Showtime Online 2021.

Using a combination of research-based practice and personal stories, Villefort explores the relationship between the human and non-human with particular attention to those mediated by capital and informed by labour - from food to domestication - addressing death, damage, and colonisation.

Far from a binary critical position, the works deconstruct the complexity of these themes, relating them to Ville ...

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Wisrah Villefort Mercado Livre
Mercado Livre, 2017 (Found image from online marketplaces based on the Global South, Instagram account, followers, shares, likes) ongoing Hypermedia work, https://instagram.com/mercado__livre
  • EEE, 2021 (marinetraffic.com interactive map, found logo, sound in collaboration with DESAMPA) hypermedia work hosted by banalbanal.org
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